Aged Fu Zhuan 2013


Dry Leaf: light mushroom, dry bamboo leaf
Liquor Colour: clear orange
Flavour: light mushroom, dry bamboo/papyrus, lingering
Wet Leaf: Bamboo & sweetness
Mouth Feel: full, lingering and pleasant, warming

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Aside from being a straight up amazingly warming tea experience, Fu Zhuan is also a great dark tea for those looking to explore, but not wanting to stray too far from the familiar elements common in many dark teas. This Fu Zhuan warmed me up from the inside out, with familiar hints of light mushroom and dry bamboo at the beginning of the profile and hints of sweet freshness combined with some umami coming later on. The mouthfeel was elegant and full and I was pleasantly surprised to experience some lingering sweetness and freshness in my mouth long after the initial sips. Explore dark tea and try this sophisticated Fu Zhuan!

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Anhua, Hunan Province.

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5g/90ml at 100°C for 20 secs, 2nd & 3rd infusion for 30s. 7-10 infusions


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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