Bai Mu Dan – Top Grade 2014


Dry leaf: dried plum, tart
Wet leaf: bean, slightly herbal
Liquor colour: light gold
Liquor aroma: contained, creamy bean
Flavor: sweet, creamy, dry berries, hints of herbs
Mouthfeel: thick and complex
Bottom cup: light melon sweet

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Our amazing producers, Shi Tai and Shi Fu from Tai Mu Shan, Fuding have once again created an amazing top grade aged white tea! This aged Bai Mu Dan is made with the first buds of spring 2014, making it a top grade tea. The dry leaf was reserved, with hints of plum. The wet leaf had a light herbal/bean aroma. The leaf almost seemed to hold in its goodness, however, like last years aged top grade bai mu dan, as soon as the first drop of liquor hit my lips I was blown away! An incredibly creamy, complex dried fruit flavour with a hint of herb sent my senses spinning. Identifying flavours is a difficult task with a tea like this. Add the age element to the picture and things get crazy! The age gives a thickness and richness to the mouthfeel that combines with the flavours and multiplies the experience. All I could do was let the tea do what it was meant to do. Let this tea amaze your senses too!

Taimu Mountain

Taimu Shan – The Mountain of White Tea

After a short stay in Fuzhou, our tea consultant, Jianli, went to Taimu Shan, the birth place of Da Bai Cha. There, she stayed for a few days in Yipianwa (meaning “a piece of earthen tile”) Temple where we got our white tea this year. The tea from Yipianwa Temple is meticulously cared for by Shi Tai and Chanxin Shi Fu. During the busy tea season, they recruit help from the valley, but …

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Taimu Mountain, Fuding, Fujian Province.


March 21st, 2014.


3g/150ml at 95°C ~ 100°C for 2~3 min. 3-5 Infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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