Bai Mu Dan 2015


Dry leaf:  dried fruit (raisin), light tart
Liquor colour: light yellow with a tinge of peach
Liquor aroma: mild watermelon
Flavour: complex sweet dried fruit delightfulness, creamy, nutty beans
Mouthfeel: refreshing, clean, yet thick with age
Bottom cup: light wildflowers

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Our Bai Mu Dan aged white tea is back! If you loved it before it’s just getting better. This aged white tea is such a relaxing experience. Incredibly complex raisin/plum-like sweetness mixes with the creamy texture delighting the palate. Talk about complex! The age has worked on this tea, enhancing it, while sweetening and rounding every aspect. The mouthfeel was crisp, light and refreshing, and the liquor has a thickness that allowed the flavours to linger pleasantly. Treat yourself to this delightful experience!

Taimu Mountain

Taimu Shan – The Mountain of White Tea

After a short stay in Fuzhou, our tea consultant, Jianli, went to Taimu Shan, the birth place of Da Bai Cha. There, she stayed for a few days in Yipianwa (meaning “a piece of earthen tile”) Temple where we got our white tea this year. The tea from Yipianwa Temple is meticulously cared for by Shi Tai and Chanxin Shi Fu. During the busy tea season, they recruit help from the valley, but …

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Taimu Mountain, Fuding, Fujian Province.


April 20th, 2015.


3g/150ml at 95°C ~ 100°C for 2~3 min. 3-5 Infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.

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Bai Mu Dan - Top Grade 2014 - aged white tea