Da Fo Long Jing


Dry Leaf: matcha shortbread!
Wet Leaf: dry beans
Liquor Colour: light green
Mouth Feel: smooth
Flavour: complex, bean and fresh, strong return sweet
Gaiwan Lid: fresh cut grass
Bottom Cup: dried apricot

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This Long Jing delivers a fantastic sip of tea, despite not being from the famous Xi Hu region. The mouthfeel and flavour are incredibly smooth and the return sweet is truly astonishing. Be sure to take the time to experience the aroma of the dry leave, wet leaf, liquor, bottom cup and gaiwan lid. There are unique qualities to each that give the experience a richness you’ll love indulging in. Freshness, sweet shortbread, dry bean and fresh cut meadow are just some of the exciting notes waiting for you! Well made from great material, we are sure you will enjoy this Long Jing tea!

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Mid April, 2017.


Xinchang, Zhejiang Province.


3g/150ml at 90°C for 1 min. 4 – 6 infusions.


Sealed well. Keep refrigerated.


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