Aged Liu Bao Cha


Dry Leaf: wood, light melon rind, herbal
Liquor Colour: deep orange
Liquor Aroma: Old leather bound books
Liquor Flavour: light bamboo, herbal, mushroomy
Mouth Feel: rich and soft. meaty, thick and soothing
Gaiwan Lid: mild campfire

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Liu Bao Cha is a fantastic dark tea aged in bamboo that will give Pu’er lovers another dark tea to explore. The leaf evokes woody, herbal aromas and the gorgeous dark orange liquor gives off a scent that reminded me of old leather bound books. The first thing I noticed about this tea was the mouthfeel. So thick and soft! It made me want to curl up by a fire with a book. The liquor flavour has hints of bamboo and earthy elements and the mouthfeel is meaty and thick. All in all a great sip and a fantastically relaxing tea. It will certainly be added to my evening tea rotation.

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Liu Bao, Wuzhou, Guangxi Province。


Around 2014.


3g/90ml at 100°C for 20s, add 10s for successive infusions. 4-5 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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