Exploring the World of Chinese Tea – Philadelphia – 1st Talking Tea Live Event

Friday, Dec 1, 2017

Talking Tea Live!
To kick off its 4th season, Talking Tea is partnering with us (ZhenTea) for the very first live, interactive event. This will be loads of fun, where we’ll discuss any questions you might have about Chinese tea. But it’s a live event only – there won’t be recording – so join us in Philadelphia on December 1 for Exploring the World of Chinese Tea.

Whether you are an experienced tea taster or this is your first taste of Chinese tea, this workshop will be an enlightening experience for your tea journey. With a quick overview of Chinese tea history, we bring you insider knowledge and information about the 6 tea types: what they are, what’s the difference between them, how are they processed, how to tell the quality of the tea, and more.

Enjoy 6 different teas with us, explore the fun world of tasting grade teas and bring home pro-tips on how to make a delicious cup of tea easily!


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For the tea savvy and beginners alike. 

This workshop presents a well-articulated and fascinating introduction to the wonderful world of Chinese tea. This two-hour session provides a broad overview of the most important topics concerning Chinese tea: the history and regions of tea, tea categories and production, the Chinese method of tea brewing, tea storage, and the health benefits of tea.
While sipping delicious cups of tea, we want to answer the questions you might have, like:
  • What are the tea categories/types
  • What’s the difference between tea categories
  • How is tea processed?
  • What do Chinese tea names mean?
  • What do different tea types taste like?
  • How to brew tea properly at home?
  • What’s the health benefits of tea?
Tasting List:
Signature white tea with prominent flavour.
The only green tea that is made exclusively with mature leaves.
The Same cultivar, terroir, and harvest time as Lu’an Gua Pian, but one more step during the process. A perfect showcase for the delicacy and nuance of yellow tea.
The traditional version of the most popular oolong tea that will demonstrate the beauty and complexity of the oolong tasting profile.
An innovation of the ancient cultivar of tea that is widely enjoyed.
8 years aged Shu Pu’er introduces you the unique tasting notes of dark tea.

Additional information


7 PM – 9 PM, Friday, December 1, 2017.


Introductory to intermediate.


Independence Foundation Learning Lab at 1219 Vine Street (studio B), Philadelphia, PA, 19107.

Dress Code

casual, no perfume.

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