Feng Huang Dan Cong – Mi Lan Xiang


Dry Leaf: Sweet, slightly roasty
Liquor Colour: deep orange
Mouth Feel: crisp, sweet and refreshing (good after sweet)
Flavour: lychee with gentle floral aroma, hints of sweetness
Gaiwan Lid: gentle floral with roastiness

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We’re really happy to have Mi Lan Xiang back in our line up. Delivering all the expected fragrance you’d expect from a Dan Cong, combined with a tantalizing, delicate sweetness, this one really made my mouth water! The deep orange liquor delivers a gentle floral sweetness to the nose and the palate with some wonderfully subtle roastiness. As we continued with subsequent infusions the tea became bolder, as expected, with the flavours becoming more integrated and combined. The lychee flavour started to take on an almost caramelized aspect and the fragrance continued to delight. If you love Dan Cong teas, you’ll love this Mi Lan Xiang.


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