Feng Huang Dan Cong – Mi Lan Xiang


Dry Leaf: dry berry sweet, slightly roasty
Liquor Colour: orange
Mouth Feel: crisp, sweet and refreshing
Flavour: fruit and honey sweet, lingering floral fragrance
Gaiwan Lid: gentle orchid floral

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We are so excited to be carrying this producers’ biodynamic tea! We have been sampling his teas for the past several years and I (Zhen) even visited the farm in 2016. I was really impressed with how they manage the tea garden as well as their tireless pursuit of real quality during production. We share the same tea quality ethic and this powerful and lingering tea totally had me from the first sip, or maybe it was actually from the fragrance of the dry leaves!

Delivering all the fragrance you’d expect from a meticulously crafted Mi Lan Xiang, the dry leaves issue an irresistible honey sweetness mingled with a light roasted aroma. The bright orange liquor delivers a gentle floral sweetness to the nose and graces the palate with a full-bodied, refreshing texture, with wonderful subtle roastiness throughout. As we continued with subsequent infusions the tea became bolder and the flavours began to unify into a delightfully complex brew! Airy floral notes mingle with caramelised fruit and honey sweetness, lingering throughout the infusions, delivering a consistent and delightful experience.

Dan Cong from a Bio-dynamic Farm

Affected by the coffee culture in North America, individual farmers are often preferred by tea drinkers. However, I think big factories and companies that are guided and even driven by a true love for tea are better for the healthy development of China’s tea industry.

Fenghuang Dan Cong has been gaining its fame rapidly in recent years. However, it has traditionally been a low production tea. In order to increase yields and produce more tea, reduce costs and ultimately add to the bottom line, fertilizer and …

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Shuangjiniang Mountain, Shaoshan area, Guangdong Province.


Late April, 2018.


5g/125ml at 100°C for 45 sec, add 10s for successive infusions. 7-10 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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