Fu Zhuan


Dry leaf: Light mushroom
Wet Leaf: herbal, light dried fruit
Liquor colour: Orange
Liquor aroma: Dried fruit
Flavor: Woody, mushroom
Mouthfeel: Glossy, Full bodied

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While Fu Zhuan tea may be well known for its many health benefits due to the presence of Jin Hua, also know as gold flower, it is also a delicious tea to simply sip and enjoy!

The dry leaf gave us subtle hints of mushroom that were initially quite faint. Once we brewed the Fu Zhuan into a clear orange liquor, the wet leaf was more forthcoming, delivering an herbaceousness, with touches of woodiness and dried fruit. As we progressed through the infusions, the tea became increasingly refreshing, unveiling a slight tartness at the beginning of the sip which left us refreshed after every sip. The mouthfeel was full and glossy and the aftertaste lingered pleasantly making this tea a delightful everyday tea.

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Pingkou, Anhua, Hunan Province


2016 spring.


3g/90ml at 100°C for 10 sec, 2nd & 3rd infusion for 20s. 7-10 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.

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