Huangshan Mao Feng


Dry Leaf: sweet biscuit
Wet Leaf: cornbread
Liquor Colour: light green
Mouth Feel: clean full and refreshing
Flavour: sweet corn/sweet asparagus
Gaiwan Lid: very sweet and fresh (green corn?)
Bottom Cup: more cookies!

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We happy to feature Huangshan Mao Feng for the first time! I love the unique flavour profile of Huangshan Mao Feng, the freshly baked cookie sweetness was delightful and refreshing. The tea has just enough crispness to balance the return sweet that follows. Both the wet and dry leaf deliver a gorgeous fresh baked mouth watering aroma. The liquor continues in this vein, with a smooth refreshing mouthfeel and flavours of sweet corn and hints of fresh asparagus. Try this Mao Feng today!

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Mid April, 2017


Huangshan, Anhui Province.


3g/150ml at 90°C for 1 min. 4 – 6 infusions.


Sealed well. Keep refrigerated.


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