Lao Shu Sheng Pu’er 2008


This Sheng Pu’er is a delightful drink and for those who are familiar with being slapped around by an ‘aggressive’ sheng, this one will treat you like a lady (or gentleman). The bing gives off a dry, sweet, date note, but once the leaf is in a humid gaiwan we detect notes of animal/stable. The aroma of the golden liquor is reserved with only hints of smoke which become more obvious in the sip, which is incredibly smooth and integrates fire/smoke, vegetable/asparagus, sweet/malt and fruit/date. All so blended and mingled that the tea takes on a delicious flavor of its own. Whether you are a longtime fan of Sheng Pu’er, or looking for a good intro this tea is a perfect fit.

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Tasting notes from 2014

While this sheng pu’er is ready to enjoy, it is also going to continue to improve as the years go by. The orange liquor delivers a solid smokey nose with a hint of peat which can be rendered into the liquor if you steep it slightly longer (whiskey pairing anyone?) However if you prefer to keep the smoke out of the liquor (the tea liquor, focus!), our lighter infusions were absent of smoke, but had a bright tangy flavour. Both the short and the slightly longer infusions had a wonderful clean and fresh mouth-feel that left us refreshed and ready for more. The wet leaves have an interesting scent of cigarette tobacco whereas the gaiwan lid was cleaner, and a somehow familiar smell, but I can’t quite place it. For me the gaiwan lid was almost the most intriguing part of the experience.

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Menghai, Yunnan Province


3g/90ml at 100°C for 10 sec, 2nd & 3rd infusion for 20s. 7-10 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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