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You will be tasting nine high-quality oolong teas during this in-depth tasting session which not only introduces how to taste oolong teas but also explains how to learn about and appraise a tea by examining the leaves. In this two and a half hour session, we will dive into oolong tasting profiles and explore the different grades of tea. This tasting session will help tea tasters confront commonly asked but rarely answered questions. The answer starts and finishes with the leaf.

Kick off your tea weekend with this enlightening tasting session. Get pumped up for the 2017 Toronto Tea Festival! Use your newfound knowledge to navigate the tea festival maze!

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Oolong Tasting sets: 3 flights to help you better understand oolong teas.

  • Tie Guan Yin flight: 3 different Tie Guan Yins. Tie Guan Yin is one of the most popular oolongs, but differences in processing give each tea a unique taste and feel even though they are from the same region and use the same cultivar.
  • Yancha flight: 3 different Yanchas (rock teas). Wuyi Yancha is famous for its rocky flavour with undertones of floral notes. There are numerous kinds and cultivars of Yancha, each with its own unique taste.
  • Dan Cong flight: 3 different grades of Dan Cong. This flight will highlight the nuances between the same teas of different grades. How can you tell which tea is ‘better’? During this flight, the details will be explained while you experience it sip by sip. An especially crucial skill for tea vendors who stock Chinese teas or those who want to ensure they are getting what they paid for.

As an intermediate to advanced level session, this tasting is more suitable for:

  • advanced Chinese tea tasters who are delighted by fine teas and experienced with their nuances;
  • vendors and future vendors who have or want Chinese tea on their menu , especially useful for those who go to China to source their tea; and
  • tea enthusiasts who have finished tea sommelier courses or any other tea programs and wish to elevate their knowledge of Chinese tea.


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6:00 – 8:30 pm, Friday, Jan 27, 2017.


Intermediate to advanced.


401 Richmond Street W.
Room 303

Dress Code

Casual, no perfume.


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