Qian Liang Cha Cube


Dry Leaf: faint bamboo
Wet Leaf: light bamboo
Liquor Colour: orange
Flavour: light mushroomy fungal, bamboo
Mouth Feel: thick and rich

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Qian Liang Cha was a brand new tea experience for me. I’ve never had anything quite like this Hunan tea. When I brewed up the Qian Liang Cha, the liquor was orange and since it’s a dark tea my preconceptions unconsciously went to sheng Pu’er, however, the flavour profile was totally different than any  sheng Pu’er I’ve ever had. This tea is far more delicate on the surface, but has a really solid base. A single cube will last a long time, delivering consistent, delicious infusions. There are notes of bamboo, fresh mushroom and hints of something akin to grassiness and red bean in the later infusions. Right from the outset, Qian Liang Cha exhibited a thick, rich mouthfeel! For me, this is a perfect tea for meditating, as it not distracting, but instead is consistent, focused and calm. If you aren’t a big fan of sheng Pu’er and want a good after dinner tea, give this tea a try.

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Pingkou, Anhua, Hunan Province.

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3g/90ml at 100°C for 60 sec, 2nd & 3rd infusion for 20s. 7-10 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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