Shui Xian


Dry Leaf: Slightly sweet cereal.

Liquor Colour: dark orange

Mouth Feel: clean, lingering and full

Flavour: Strong granite structure with sweet grain, lilac fragrance, hints of cinnamon later on.

Bottom Cup: Happy! Cooked sugar

Gaiwan Lid: Tobacco.

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Shui Xian

One of my favourite cultivars and one of my favourite teas, Shui Xian has a special place in my heart! I found this Shui Xian was wonderfully processed having a gentlemanly flavour, delivered evenly throughout many infusions. The stoic granite flavour is wonderfully combined with lilac fragrance and the sweetness of mildly sweetened cereal grains. Later infusions reveal hints of cinnamon and deepening rock flavours.

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Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province.

Harvest Time

Late spring, 2016.


5g/125ml at 100°C for 30 sec, add 10s for successive infusions. Over 10 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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