Guzhu Zi Sun


Dry: sweet matcha, soy nut
Liquor Colour: light green
Aroma: light bean and floral (orchid)
Flavour: sweet snow pea, powerful return sweet
Mouth Feel: smooth, refreshing, and complex
Bottom Cup: dried apricot

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We specially commissioned this wild handmade Guzhu Zi Sun from a lost imperial tea garden. In Jianli’s 20 year experience visiting tea farms all over China, her favourite is this one, a Changxing ancient tea garden. It’s the best tea growing environment she’s ever seen. To match the excellent material, we insisted on making the tea purely by hand. The producer is our close friend and has decades of experience. He definitely delivered!

The dry leaf gives off a bold sweet aroma with notes of soy nuttiness and bright green matcha. The liquor aroma is light with just the slightest hint of an orchid aroma, saving everything for the sip. The flavour and feel of this tea are just amazing. An unparalleled depth and a powerful aroma of sweet snow peas and light floral (orchid) and the return sweet is simply astonishing. Be sure to pause between sips and let the sweetness fill your mouth. This is a sign of truly high-quality tea. The age of the bushes really comes out in all aspects of this tea, but the mouthfeel is the most telling. Smooth, complex, refreshing and crystal clean, this tea will leave you refreshed and energized!

2016 Tea Trip: Guzhu Zi Sun

The tea bushes grow in an area that was formerly a Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) royal tea garden and was abandoned after the Qing Dynasty (AD1636-1912). Ever since, the tea plants have been wild. Now that it has been rediscovered, tea pluckers trek in every year to harvest the fresh buds of Lu Yu’s favorite tea.

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Mingyue Xia, Chang Xing, Zhejiang Province.

Harvest time

April 18~20, 2018.


3g/150ml at 95°C for 1 ½ min. 3 – 4 infusions.


Sealed well. Keep refrigerated.


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