Travelogue  2015

Taimu Shan, Fuding – The Mountain of White Tea

After a short stay in Fuzhou, our tea consultant went to Taimu Shan, the birthland of Da Bai Cha. There, she stayed for a few days in Yipianwa (mean “a pieave of earthen tile”) Temple where we got our white tea this year.

Fuzhou – A Short Break Between Tea Regions Visit

Between the visits to tea regions, our tea consultant Ms. Wu stopped by Fuzhou, Fujian Province to visit an old friend. Mr. Zhang Tianfu. Mr. Zhang Tianfu is THE master in Chinese tea  world.

Long Beach, LA – World Tea Expo 2015

 We went to World Tea Expo 2015 in Long Beach couple of days ago (May 6~8). It was wonderful to be there with the “tea family”. It was a opportunity to see the trend in the industry, the popularity of matcha, the upcoming of Chinese tea, and the latest machines in the industry. It was so much fun and we learnt a lot. We also went to the Award dinner on Queen Mary. It was a beautiful boat and we had a lovely night there meeting different people in the tea area. It was so inspiring talking to them.

Anxi, Fujian Province –  Tie Guan Yin

Our Tea consultant Jianli Wu started her 2015 tea tour from Anxi County, a mountainous place famous for its Tie Guan Yin, a kind of oolong tea. She will stay there for a few days to witness and experience tea picking and tea process, presenting us every detail of Tie Guan Yin from the field all the way to the ready-to-brew tea leaves.

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