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Supreme Tea

Our supreme tea selections are ultra rare teas that you are very unlikely to find even in China and simply will not find elsewhere in North America. These are not teas to rush into, rather, take your time and explore all kinds of Chinese teas and savour every moment of the journey. Feel free to contact us for help selecting a tea that is right for you and prepared to be amazed at the experience some of the finest tea that China has to offer.

Green Tea

Our selection of green tea (绿茶 – lǜchá) offers a wide range of gustatory experiences and will amaze your senses with layers of delicious complexity. As the only kind of tea that doesn’t go through the oxidation process, Green tea well captures the freshness of tea leaves. The robust brisk and sweet taste of green tea makes it an invigorating beverage great for a morning or an afternoon pick-me-up that can be enjoyed for many hours.

White Tea

Being the least processed of Chinese tea, white tea (白茶 – bái chá), is lightly oxidized. White tea is full of subtle lingering flavors and floral scents floating over grassy undertones. While being delicate, the flavor will fill your whole mouth. Aged white tea is also known to have a distinctive effect on calming a light cough or a sore throat. Explore with us white teas that abound with floral scents, milky smoothness and fruity aroma.

Yellow Tea

Yellow tea (黄茶 – huánɡ chá) was discovered as a result of an “accident” made in the green tea process. This accidental step eventually became an official step called yellowing and a new type of tea was born. Yellow tea is famous for its evident fragrance and complicated, layered taste while still remaining brisk and fresh. However, it is also a troubled tea category due to its risky and difficult process – fewer and fewer producers are able to produce yellow tea and those that can are reluctant to take the risk. Even though the similarity with green tea limits yellow tea’s popularity, the unique flavour of yellow tea is worth exploring.

Oolong Tea

As a semi-oxidized tea, oolong tea (乌龙茶 – wū lónɡ chá), also known as qīng chá (青茶), falls between the green and black tea categories. The symbolic feature of Oolong is green leaves with a red frame. Combining the advantages of the process of green and black tea, oolong tea provides a vast range of choices of aroma as well as taste. We take great pride in presenting you with some of the best oolong teas China has to offer. Start exploring the mesmerizing flavors now!

Black Tea

Black tea (红茶 – hónɡ chá) is the most popular tea in the world and for good reason. It offers a richly developed flavour for the tea lover as it is completely oxidized. The flavours of black tea range from woody and fruity to malty and grainy with delicious herbal and floral notes. Be prepared to experience a heart warming range of flavors as you explore our selections. Cuddle up with a cup of our black tea and let your mind and body benefit from the relaxing experience.

Dark Tea

Dark tea (黑茶 – hēi chá) has a profound respect for time – the older the tea gets, the more complex it becomes, a unique mellow and rich taste crafted by time. The unparalleled intricacy and sophistication of flavor are like the wisdom of the elderly – it requires experience to recognize, understand and appreciate it. We have taken great care to bring together a marvelous selection of dark tea that will take your tea experience to a new level.

Scented and Blended Tea

Our scented and blended teas (花茶 – huā chá) are the best of both worlds, combining the flavor of tea with the aroma of flowers and the health benefits of both. Scented and blended teas are no longer limited to only green or black tea as the base. At ZhenTea you will find a wide range of different teas combined with flowers such as jasmine, rose, osmanthus, chrysanthemum, and many more. Prepare to dive into an explosion of flavor as you explore our scented and blended teas.

Tea Collections

We understand that people love to adjust their routines according to their mood. We have prepared these special tea collections so that you can explore a wide variety of the highest quality Chinese tea in serving sized quantities. These sets are perfect if you are a newcomer to Chinese tea, or if you are a connoisseur who wants to go on a journey of flavour. Enjoy a wide variety of carefully selected tea combinations. Have fun exploring!

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