Deluxe Home/Travel Gongfu Tea Set


A deluxe home and away gongfu tea set that includes ALL you need for gongfu brewing. The Ru kiln teaware is weighty with jade luster. You can use the tea table as a tray or connect the hose for instant draining. The durable plastic material of the tea table also makes it easy to maintain (no worries for cracking or leaking that happens often with bamboo or wood tea tables), while the bamboo printing on the surface gives it a visual appeal. The gaiwan size is perfect for most people to hold and pour easily, and it’s the standard size for brewing various tea types (see our Youtube videos on how much tea leaf to put for different teas). The case holds everything together so that you can bring your favorite tea anywhere you go, camping, vacation, you name it! Let’s gongfu anywhere!

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