Guan Yin Hong


This experimental black tea is made from Tie Guan Yin and the experiment was a grand success. The dry leaves give off a slightly smokey, fruity bouquet and the gorgeous liquor is a brilliant copper. While the liquor has a pronounced sweetness to the nose, the flavour is more subdued making for a perfectly balanced sip of black tea. The mouth feel is luscious and thick while the flavour is light and fruity. It is the first year this producer tried a black tea and they did a bang up job!

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Blogger Review: The Great Guan Yin Duel

Over the years, I’ve had some fun at the expense of Guan Yin—the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Whether portraying her as having an illicit affair with Scottish botanists, or depicting her as a scorned goddess seeking vengeance against the writer of the illicit affair (me), I can’t say I’ve dealt with her fairly. Hilariously, yes . . . but not fairly. However, there is one area where her namesake is applied where I have held back my more idiot tendencies. That, of course, is in regard to the tea bearing her name—Tie Guan Yin, or “Iron Goddess of Mercy”.

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Anxi, Fujian Province

Harvest Time

Late April, 2017


3g/150ml at 100°C for 45 sec. Add 15s for successive infusions. 3 – 5 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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