Bai Ya Qi Lan


Dry Leaf: roasted nuts, cocoa, sweet and creamy flowers
Liquor Colour: bright orange
Mouth Feel: refreshing and smooth, brisk.
Flavour: sweet potato with hints of toastiness, creamy, floral, lingering after sweet
Lid: Creamy and toastiness

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This sweet and creamy Qi Lan delivers a wonderful after sweet with a refreshing mouthfeel. In the first infusion, I detected a hint of spiciness (gentle cinnamon/clove) that was pleasantly surprising. Futher infusions brought out sweet potato and toastiness with hints of cocoa which continued well into a 6th infusion. The after sweet always came on strong and gave this tea an incredibly refreshing aspect. The gaiwan lid had a unique dandelion aroma, not found in the tea, but also shared the cocoa toastiness that we both taste and smell from the leaf.

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Dadong Mountain, Pinghe County, Fujian Province.


Early May, 2017


5g/125ml at 100°C for 30 sec, add 10s for successive infusions. 5-7 infusions.


Sealed well in a cool, dry, dark location.


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